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Two-Step Flow Theory - The trickle down and distribution of information.

I am so excited that the new Canon R3 has been announced, I am an avid photographer and Canon says this is going to be their best camera yet. Now that I think about it, they said the same thing about the Canon R5 and it had overheating problems when it was released. It is a good thing that I look for product reviews before I make an investment in a camera. I look to influencers like Ordinary Filmmaker for information because this is someone who has built a following by talking about cameras. I don’t have the time to comb the internet to find out all the details, so I turn to someone who specializes in this.

I don’t take the source's information for face value, I turn to an influencer who I trust to give me the information I need, this is called the Two-Step Flow Theory. This theory is the idea that information is distributed from a source like the media down and interpreted by opinion leaders or influencers to distribute to their audience. This is because people are looking to people that they trust to get their information and people are trusting the media less and less.

When I am looking for a camera, I only look for the specs from the manufacturer but turn to influencers for honest opinions. The manufacturer will always tell you they make the best product but an opinion leader doesn’t have anything to gain unless they are sponsored, so I try to find someone who is unbiased like Tony and Chelsea Northrup. They are very adamant to tell their followers that they do not accept sponsorships from camera companies. I have also seen them jump from Canon to Nikon to Sony depending on what is the best camera for them at the time.

Being informed is important not just when making a big purchase, it is more important now than ever to know what is going on in the world around you. When it comes to the news I always look for opinion leaders that I trust will tell me the facts and allow me to form my own opinion. I talked about Lisa Remillard in a previous blog because she presents just the facts without any political leaning. It is easy to find someone who will tell you what you want to hear but you should also get your information from someone who will challenge your opinions. Do the research and find several opinion leaders to get your information from so you can form your own stances on important topics. If you don’t, are they really your opinions and thoughts? Are you just regurgitating what that one influencer said? Knowledge is more important now than ever and it is our responsibility to be well informed.

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